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This weeks cakes.
A touch of Bling with a touch of Country.
I have spent a lot of time perfecting the sharp edges on cakes. So when asked to do rounded edges for this one, I thought "piece of cake". Well think again........ I made it look really hard. Everytime I smoothed the sides and top I managed to make the edges sharps. I spent just as much time rounding the edges as I would sharpening them. Anyway, I think the final result ended up ok. I love the fact that the bride added a touch of themselves to the cake with the tractor topper. Her husband is a farmer. I thought it was quite cute.
Todd and Kym's three tier Wedding cake
This next one was for my bestie. She just loves her spa..... (cake was based on a Debbie Brown design.) I love making cakes for Tania as I always get to make what I want and I love seeing her face everytime I turn up with a cake.
Spa themed novelty cake
Another Laptop Computer cake for a 21st. This time witha couple of added extras. A mouse and iPod.
Laptop cake - novelty
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