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Erin's Cake.

As a cake decorator, you don't always know how your product is recieved by your clients. Did they like the design, was it what they expected, did it taste good, etc? In our very busy lifestyle, feedback is not always a priorety ( unless something goes wrong of course ). So when I recieved a wonderful email from Toni about her daughters 21st Birthday cake, I was really excited. Toni emailed me asking if her daughter, a young interior designer, could design her 21st birthday cake based on my wedgewood miniature wedding cake. "Of course she could", I said and looked forward to see what she came up with. So they sent through the design along with colour swatches ( which initialy I was not too keen on ) and I set to work. As I was colouring the icing to match the swatches I was thinking I would change them slightly, but I should have trusted the designer initially and saved myself some time, as I ended up matching colour for colour. The end product worked great together. Toni had one request and that was if I could make some letters and a 21 that could be removed if Erin, who apperently can be very fussy, can remove them if she didn't like it. So, the grandparents picked up the cake.  They were inpressed, so I was hoping this is a good sign. And off it went. I kept wondering over the weekend how the cake went, then yesterday, I recieved this email from Toni :
Hello Melissa
The cake you made for Erin’s 21 was a huge success. We received many wonderful comments and it tasted and looked fabulous, even better than how she envisaged it (and believe me she can be fussy!). Thank you so much and without doubt we will be recommending you to all our other friends and family who haven’t seen your work. It goes without saying you’ll have the job for the wedding cake one day! Yes the name did stay on there but we have kept the letters and numbers and roses from the top as a momento (I still have the roses from the top of my wedding cake made in 1983! but yours are far, far better than they were!) Everyone thought the cake looked too good to eat!!
Kind Regards
Toni Carr 
It is fantastic to know that the cakes you create are enjoyed and Thank you Toni and Erin for the chance to make your cake. I really enjoyed creating it.
Erin's Lace celebration cake
Erin's Lace celebration cake
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