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Top 10 Cake Decorating Tips.

For the paper I wrote a list of my Top 10 Cake Decorating Tips. I thought I would post them as you can not read them from the picture of the paper. I do not claim to know everything about cake decorating, but these are just some of the rules ( so to speek ) that I use when I am making and decorating a cake. I hope you may find them useful too. 
·      Always cover your fondant with plastic when not in use as it dries out very quickly.
·      Colour fondant 1-2 days before you need to use it as it will fade or use it straightaway. Purples and blues are particularly susceptible to fading.
·      If kneading a lot of fondant, use your shoulders and body weight to do this and stand over the fondant.
·      When rolling out your fondant, use a small amount of cornflour on your work benchand turn the fondant 45 degrees every 2-3 rolls. This stops the fondant from sticking to your bench and helps to keep it in a circular shape for placing on your cake.
·      Always brush your prepared cake with either: sugar syrup, strained melted jam or cooled boiled water. This will allow your fondant to stick to the cake.
·      When making tiered cakes, ensure that all the tiers are the same height (unless thedesign calls for uneven height) to ensure consistency throughout your design.
·      Make sure that you have enough support when stacking cakes by inserting dowels inthe bottom tier under where the next tier will be resting. Each stacked layerneeds to be resting on a cardboard round/square the same size as the cake.
·      Do not bake and decorate your cake on the same day. Ensure your cake rests overnight.
·      Like the cake, don’t make and use your ganache on the same day. It needs to rest atroom temperature overnight and should feel like smooth peanut butter.
·     Use hot water and a metal spatula to smooth out the ganache after it has set. Theganache should be smooth and even before covering. This step as this is one of the most important elements in getting a smooth looking cake.
·     When piping decorations, avoid having too much icing in the bag at one time, as avery full bag is difficult to handle. Practice piping on an upturned cake tin asit gives experience with horizontal or vertical surfaces such as will been countered when icing a cake. 
 ·                                   Most importantly, have fun. Remember that we are often our own worst critics.
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