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More Wedding cakes

Chevron wedding cake.

Chevron Wedding Cake

Lace piped wedding cake. 

Lace piped Wedding Cake

Wedding cake with custom made toppers

Wedding cake with custom figurines

Stenciled wedding cake.

Stenciled Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake.

Wedding cake

Boating Wedding Cake.

Sailing themed Wedding Cake

Recent Wedding Cakes

Pearl Wedding Cake.
Pearl Wedding cake
Ruffle Wedding Cake.
Ruffle Wedding Cake
Zoo Themed Wedding Cake.
Zoo themed Birthday cake
Buddy Valastro Design Wedding Cake.
Bow Wedding Cake
Flower Wedding cake.
Floral Wedding Cake
Lace Wedding Cake.
Lace Wedding Cake

More kids cakes

Bakugan Birthday Cake
Bakugan Birthjday cake
Rubber Ducky Birthday cake with goggles and floaty.
Rubber Duck Birthday Cake
Lady Bug first Birthday Cake.
Lady Bug Birthday cake
3D Dragon Birthday Cake.
Dragon Novelty Birthday Cake
Barbie Birthday Cake.
Barbie Birthday Cake
Garden Themed First Birthday Cake.
Garden themed Birthday Cake

Birthday and Anniversary Cakes

Black and Gold Themed 40th Birthday Cake.
Black and Gold Themed 40th Birthday Cake.
Madhatter Alice in Wonderland Themed Birthday Cake.
Madhatter Alice in Wonderland Themed Birthday Cake.
Film Strip 40th Birthday Cake.
Film Strip 40th Birthday Cake.
Meliville Junior Football Club's 60th Anniversay Cake.
Football Guernsey Birthday/Anniversary Cake.

Wedding Cupcake Tower

I was really excited to do this Wedding Cupcake Tower. I haven't done one since I left my previous place of work. I think they turned out great. Very elegant. It's the first time I used the cupcake wrappers, too. I love them.
Wedding Cupcake TowerWedding Cupcake Tower
Another Wedding cake I have done previously.
Three tier Wedding Cake.

Birthday Cakes for Kids.

Time to add some more pics of cakes I've been doing.
Pirate Themed Birthday Cake.
Priate Themed Birthday Cake
Trash Pack "Compost" Birthday Cake
Trash Pack
1st Birthday Cake
1st Birthday Cake for a little girl
Circus Themed Birthday Cakes.
Circus Themed Birthday Cake
Circus Themed Birthday Cake
Zoo Themed Birthday Cake.
Zoo Themed Birthday Cake
Dirt Bike Birthday Cake.
Dirt Bike Birthday Cake.

Skylander Cake

This was my son's 5th birthday cake. Skylander Portal of Power. It's my first cake I have made to "light up". I must say a big thank you to my husband for doing all the electrical work for me. I really wanted to make the Skylanders out of icing , but I ran out of time. i really enjoyed the challenge of making this cake and seeing my son's face light up when he saw it.
Skylander Portal of Power Novelty Cake
Skylander Portal of Power Novelty Cake
Skylander Portal of Power Novelty Cake


Technics Turntable Cake.
This is one of my favourite cakes. The customer thought it was the real thing when she picked it up and was looking around for the cake.
Technics Turntable Novelty Cake
This cake was for an artist.
Artist/painter Novelty Cake
Peter and Silvia's Engagement Cake.
Hearts Engagement Celebration Cake.
A Pig themed Birthday Cake.
Pig Themed Novelty Birthday Cake.
Rugby League Field Birthday Cake.
Rugby Field Birthday cake.
Surfboard Cake.
Surfboard Novelty Birthday cake.

Handi's classes

I had the pleasure of attending Handi's ( from Handi's Cakes) Advanced Figurine and Feature Flower cake classes a few weeks ago. I thoroughly enjoyed both classes and learnt so much. I just want to share my end products.
Advanced Bride and Groom Figurines. I am really happy with the results.
Bride and Groom Figurines for Wedding and Novelty Cakes
Large Feature Flowers.
I never really enjoyed making flowers, however, now that I have learnt some great tips I think I may enjoy it a bit more now.
Large Feature Flowers for Wedding, Celebration and Birthday cakes
Magnolia, Peony, David Austin Rose and Hydrangea's.

Cakes in action

Three tier square Wedding cake with LilliesI really wanted to share this beautiful picture that Marija sent through of the cutting of the cake. I love to see my cakes in action. Thank you Marija.
Three tier square Wedding cake with Lillies

More Birthday Cakes

Lego Ninjago Head cake
Lego Ninjago Head  birthday cake
Laptop Computer
Laptop Computer Cake
Dora cake.
Dora Birthday Cake
Handbag Cake
Handbag Birthday Cake
Army Tank cake
Army Tank  birthday cake

Birthday Cakes

This next lot of pictures is all about birthday cakes.
Exploding Star 60th Birthday Cake
Exploding Star 60th Birthday Cake
Pole Dancer Cake
(Debbie Brown's cake design)
Pole Dancer 18th Birthday Cake
Kayak Cake
Kayak Birthday Cake
Miner's Helmet Cake
Miner's Helmet Birthday Cake
21st Birthday Cake
21st Birthday Cake
Bumblebee Transformers Cake
Bumblebee Transformers Birthday Cake

Wedding Cakes

I have been a little lazy in keeping this up to date, so I am just going to start posting pictures of the cakes I have been doing. Starting with some Wedding cakes.
3 tier square Wedding cake
Wedgewood Wedding Cake
Black and White Wedding cake with vintage lace piping
(original design by Cake Chester)
4 tier Black and White Wedding Cake
Three tier square Wedding Cake with Lillies


This first cake is based on a Debbie Brown Design. It was for a lady who had a breast reconstruction after having them both removed due to breast cancer. Her mother thought it would be great to "show them off".
This next cake was inspired by a Pink Cake Box cake. A Hollween themed 21st Birthday.
Halloween Birthday Cake
This last cake is a little handbag for Wendy.
Handbag novelty cake

Chocolate Heaven

This cake is a chocoholics dream. Sandra and Andrew's Engagement Cake. Chocolate mud cake with a layer of ganache, chocolate shards and curls. I haven't done chocolate work for quite some time but I really enjoyed playing around with it again.
Chocolate Engagement Cake
This one is a cake I have done previously. Happy 2nd Birthday Connor.
Car Novelty Cake


This week saw me making cupcakes. I don't usually do cupcakes as I find the quite time consuming, however, I had a lot of fun with these ones. They where for Kaila who celebrated her Graduation. Congratulations Kaila.
Graduation CupcakesGraduation Cupcakes
These lovely cupcakes were for Alyce and Rob for Valentines day.
Alyce wedding Cupcakes


This week I had the chance to try my hand at some different sugar flowers other than roses, bloosoms etc. I tried for the first time some fuchias. I had a lot of fun with these and am happy with the final product. I sort of made it up as I went along as there weren't many tutorials out there to get ideas from. I was hoping to have more but I kept breaking they as I was wiring them.
Fuchia 80th Birthday CakeFuchia Birthday cake
This cake was for a lovely couple for the engagement. I love this cake.
Hearts Engagement Cake

Disney Pixar Cakes

Last week I only had two cakes. It was great to slow down a little. They were both Disney Pixar themed cake. One for Scott who just loves his "Cars" and Ned, who loves Dory from Finding Nemo. Here is what I came up with.
Cars themed cake.
Cars Theme Birthday/Novelty Cake
Dory from Finding Nemo.
Dory Themed Birthday Cake


An Elmo Cake. I really enjoyed making Elmo.
Elmo Birthday Cake
Another Hoot cake for this weekend. They are becoming very popular. This time Michelle wanted some cupcakes to go with it. I had alot of fun making these Hoot figurines as well
Hoot novelty CupcakesHoot Novelty Cake
And lastly, a lovely wedding cake. It's simple but elegant.
Lillies Wedding Cake

First Cakes for 2012.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. I have had a very busy start to the year. I can't believe the amount of enquiries I have had for cakes. I am really looking forward to the cakes that are coming up. In the mean time here are the cakes that I have started the year with.
A soccer cake for a young boy who loves his soccer.
Soccer Novelty cake
A lovely three tiered Wedding cake with some bling.
Three tier Wedding cake.
This one was for a brother and sister who was celebrating their birthdays.
Two tier Birthday cake
Another Star Wars Cake.
Star Wars Celebration cake
A cake for a Motorcross rider.
Motorcross Birthday cake.
And another Hoot cake.
Hoot Novelty Cake.


Some other cakes I made before the Christmas holidays.
A "J" themed cake based on Jane's party invitation.
Jane's Birthday cake.
A Fireman's Helmet for Fletcher celebrating his 5th Birthday.
Fireman's helmet cake
A mini laptop.
Mini Laptop Computer Cake.
And a ladybug cake for Olivia who celebrated her 1st birthday.
Ladybug  Celebration Cake.


I made this cake for a gentleman celebrating his 70th Birthday. I was told Poppa always dresses elegantly and loves to fall asleep in his chair.
This is the top tier to a cupcake tower.
Cupcakes Celebration Cake.
All set up.
All set up. Cupcakes. Celebration Cake.
And, my favourite picture, Poppa asleep in his chair. He couldn't cut the cake so he ended up cutting a cupcake.
Poppa Celebration Cake.

Cars 2

This is a Pixar Cars 2 movie themed cake. I had trouble coming up with a design for this cake. So, I ended up with one side representing Mater and Radiator Springs and the other side representing Finn McMissile and the world ( Tokyo's buildings, Big Ben, Eiffel Tower and Italy ). Mater and Finn are Luke's favourite characters.
Cars 2 themed Birthday Cake.
Cars 2 themed Birthday Cake.
Cars 2 themed Birthday Cake.
Cars 2 themed Birthday Cake.

Helicopter Cake.

I was asked to make a 3D Helicopter cake. I haven't made a cake like this before. It started off quite small, however, as I added more to the cake it ended up rather large. I am happy with how it turned out thought. The customer also wanted a replica figurine as a keepsake. 
Helicopter Cake.
Helicopter Novelty Cake.
Helicopter figurine.
Helicopter Novelty Cake.
Helicopter cake and figurine.
Helicopter Novelty Cake.

Christmas Cakes.

My friends mum asked, if she made some fruit cakes could I please decorate them. At first I thought it was going to be 3 cakes so I said no prob. It, however, turned out to be 3 x 8" square and 8 x 4" round. Now, I have trouble decorating little cakes so I was a little worried about decorating them. But, I gave it a go and this is what I came up with. I'm glad she opted for the rounded edges instead of the shape edges. It made it so much easier. However, I couldn't believe how time consuming it became to decorate them.
Christmas Celebration Cake.
Christmas Celebration Cake.
Christmas Celebration Cake.
Christmas celebration Cake.
Christmas celebration Cake.
Christmas celebration Cake.


It has been a very busy couple of weeks and I haven't had a chance I post. So, here is a collection of cakes I have made recently.
A HOOT Cake for Levi who was celebrating his first birthday.
HOOT Novelty Birthday Cake.
                                                                   A lovely Christening Cake for Mia.
Christening Celebration Cake
                                                            A two tiered 1st Birthday cake for Arabella.
Two tiered 1st Birthday Cake
                                                                     A Bart Simpson cake for Zak.
Bart Simpson Birthday Cake.
                                                                               A Disco Ball Cake.
Disco Ball Birthday Cake.
                                                                      A two tiered Wedding Cake.
Two tiered Wedding Cake.
                                                           A train and blocks Christening Cake for Ryan.
Train and Blocks Christening Cake.
                                    And lastly a Surfer Cake for Donna who celebrated her 40th Birthday.
Surfer Novelty Birthday Cake.Surfer Novelty Birthday Cake.
Surfer Novelty Birthday Cake.


This weeks cakes.
I have seen this design a couple of times but am unsure who to credit for the original design. This is my take on the design with a couple of Ladybugs as requested.
21st Birthday Celebration Cake
This was for a lovely lady who was having a High Tea to celebrate her 70th Birthday.
Handbag Novelty Cake.
This cake was for a gentleman who was celebrating his 60th Birthday 
60th Birthday Celebration Cake.

Latest cakes

I haven't posted anything for a while so here are some pics of what I have been up to....
This cake was based on a design from Cake That!
A baroque design which was all hand piped. Then, I happened to find a sencil template for this design. I think I will have to try the stencil out as well. 
Two tiered Baroque cake - celebrationTwo tiered Baroque cake - celebration                                                                                                                                    
                                      This next cake is a Ringmasters Hat for a Circus themed party.
Ringmaster's Hat cake for a Circus themed celebration
    A 4WD cake for a young man who loves his new car. Even if it does get stuck in the mud. This was fun to make.
4WD Novelty Birthday Cake.
This week I made my first cake topper that went out without a cake. It felt weird handing Anna just the topper. It was for her husband who is a Competitive Woodchopper.
Woodchopping cake topper
         This next cake was for the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club who were celebrating thier 25th Anniversary.
Staffordshire Bull Terrier club of W.A Anniversary Cake
                          And, lastly, a fairy Barbie cake for a beautiful little girl celebrating her 4th birthday.
Fairy Barbie celebration cake

Star Wars cake

For those of you who love Star Wars. This cake was for a young boy celebrating his 8th birthday. Happy Birthday Connor.
Star Wars celebration cakeStar Wars celebration cakeStar Wars celebration cake

What a week.....

What a week I had last week........I had three different cake designs, which really tested the diversity of my cake decorating skills. These three cakes went to the same party for a combined birthday bash with 150 guests. I really enjoyed making these cakes. Thank you Emma for your lovely phone call. I'm so glad everyone enjoyed their cakes and you all had a lovely evening. 
This one is a Footrot Flats themed cake.
Footrot Flats novelty cake
This next one is for a man who enjoys hunting. I wasn't sure if I should put the arrow through the bunny, however, I was told it would be ok. So, I did.
Hunting themed novelty cake
The last cake was for a young lady turning 18.
Two tier celebration cake. Leopard and zebra print.


This weeks cakes.
A touch of Bling with a touch of Country.
I have spent a lot of time perfecting the sharp edges on cakes. So when asked to do rounded edges for this one, I thought "piece of cake". Well think again........ I made it look really hard. Everytime I smoothed the sides and top I managed to make the edges sharps. I spent just as much time rounding the edges as I would sharpening them. Anyway, I think the final result ended up ok. I love the fact that the bride added a touch of themselves to the cake with the tractor topper. Her husband is a farmer. I thought it was quite cute.
Todd and Kym's three tier Wedding cake
This next one was for my bestie. She just loves her spa..... (cake was based on a Debbie Brown design.) I love making cakes for Tania as I always get to make what I want and I love seeing her face everytime I turn up with a cake.
Spa themed novelty cake
Another Laptop Computer cake for a 21st. This time witha couple of added extras. A mouse and iPod.
Laptop cake - novelty

Local Paper.

Well, I made it to the paper again. This time, our local Community News. A little disappointed in the article that was meant to be about my Perth Royal Show Cakes. They couldn't wait until I picked up my cakes from the show so they took photo's of some dummy cakes that I had. Unfortunately, they titled the picture saying they were my entries for this year. Not happy. Here is the article anyway.

Erin's Cake.

As a cake decorator, you don't always know how your product is recieved by your clients. Did they like the design, was it what they expected, did it taste good, etc? In our very busy lifestyle, feedback is not always a priorety ( unless something goes wrong of course ). So when I recieved a wonderful email from Toni about her daughters 21st Birthday cake, I was really excited. Toni emailed me asking if her daughter, a young interior designer, could design her 21st birthday cake based on my wedgewood miniature wedding cake. "Of course she could", I said and looked forward to see what she came up with. So they sent through the design along with colour swatches ( which initialy I was not too keen on ) and I set to work. As I was colouring the icing to match the swatches I was thinking I would change them slightly, but I should have trusted the designer initially and saved myself some time, as I ended up matching colour for colour. The end product worked great together. Toni had one request and that was if I could make some letters and a 21 that could be removed if Erin, who apperently can be very fussy, can remove them if she didn't like it. So, the grandparents picked up the cake.  They were inpressed, so I was hoping this is a good sign. And off it went. I kept wondering over the weekend how the cake went, then yesterday, I recieved this email from Toni :
Hello Melissa
The cake you made for Erin’s 21 was a huge success. We received many wonderful comments and it tasted and looked fabulous, even better than how she envisaged it (and believe me she can be fussy!). Thank you so much and without doubt we will be recommending you to all our other friends and family who haven’t seen your work. It goes without saying you’ll have the job for the wedding cake one day! Yes the name did stay on there but we have kept the letters and numbers and roses from the top as a momento (I still have the roses from the top of my wedding cake made in 1983! but yours are far, far better than they were!) Everyone thought the cake looked too good to eat!!
Kind Regards
Toni Carr 
It is fantastic to know that the cakes you create are enjoyed and Thank you Toni and Erin for the chance to make your cake. I really enjoyed creating it.
Erin's Lace celebration cake
Erin's Lace celebration cake

2011 Perth Royal Show

Wow, what an amazing week I've had. From the stress of completing my entries for the Perth Royal Show, to the worry of getting them to the show safely, to waiting 3 days for the results. I was so excited when I finally  found out the results that I squealed. I won first prize for my Open Class Decorated Wedding Cake and also Cake Gaining Highest Points in the Open Section. I won second prize for my Open Class Celebration cake which I was very suprised about as I did something completely different from what is usually created. And, I won second prize for my Open Class Miniature Wedding Cake. It is humbling to know that some of the top Cake Artists in Perth like my work. Here are the pics of my award winning cakes.
Bubble Guppie themed cake. Open - Celebration Cake. 2011 Perth Royal Show. Second Place
A Bubble Guppie themed cake. My son's favourite show is The Bubble Guppies so I thought this would be a great theme for a Celebration Cake.
Open - Miniature Wedding Cake.  2011 Perth Royal Show. Second Place
Miniature Wedding Cake. This picture shows the actual height of the cake.
Open - Miniature Wedding Cake.  2011 Perth Royal Show. Second Place
Hand made roses, drape and broaches. Wedding Cake
Showing the drapes, roses and hand made broaches.
Top tier roses. Wedding Cake
Top tier and roses.
Open - Decorated Wedding Cake. 2011 Perth Royal Show. First place. Cake Gaining Highest Points in the Open Section.
The whole cake.


Just adding some pictures of cakes that I have done in the last couple of weeks.
It has been ages since I have done a Barbie cake. I was enjoyable making one again. Brings back memories of one of my first cakes I made for my daughter.
Barbie Novelty Birthday Cake.
This next one was for a young boy celebrating his First Holy Communion.
Holy Communion Celebration Cake.
And lastly, a Paintball themed cake. I love this one.
Novelty Paintball Cake

Top 10 Cake Decorating Tips.

For the paper I wrote a list of my Top 10 Cake Decorating Tips. I thought I would post them as you can not read them from the picture of the paper. I do not claim to know everything about cake decorating, but these are just some of the rules ( so to speek ) that I use when I am making and decorating a cake. I hope you may find them useful too. 
·      Always cover your fondant with plastic when not in use as it dries out very quickly.
·      Colour fondant 1-2 days before you need to use it as it will fade or use it straightaway. Purples and blues are particularly susceptible to fading.
·      If kneading a lot of fondant, use your shoulders and body weight to do this and stand over the fondant.
·      When rolling out your fondant, use a small amount of cornflour on your work benchand turn the fondant 45 degrees every 2-3 rolls. This stops the fondant from sticking to your bench and helps to keep it in a circular shape for placing on your cake.
·      Always brush your prepared cake with either: sugar syrup, strained melted jam or cooled boiled water. This will allow your fondant to stick to the cake.
·      When making tiered cakes, ensure that all the tiers are the same height (unless thedesign calls for uneven height) to ensure consistency throughout your design.
·      Make sure that you have enough support when stacking cakes by inserting dowels inthe bottom tier under where the next tier will be resting. Each stacked layerneeds to be resting on a cardboard round/square the same size as the cake.
·      Do not bake and decorate your cake on the same day. Ensure your cake rests overnight.
·      Like the cake, don’t make and use your ganache on the same day. It needs to rest atroom temperature overnight and should feel like smooth peanut butter.
·     Use hot water and a metal spatula to smooth out the ganache after it has set. Theganache should be smooth and even before covering. This step as this is one of the most important elements in getting a smooth looking cake.
·     When piping decorations, avoid having too much icing in the bag at one time, as avery full bag is difficult to handle. Practice piping on an upturned cake tin asit gives experience with horizontal or vertical surfaces such as will been countered when icing a cake. 
 ·                                   Most importantly, have fun. Remember that we are often our own worst critics.

In The Paper.

I have been very busy trying get my entries for the Perth Royal Show done. But, found a little time to have my photo taken with my last years winning Miniature Wedding Cake. It was in The West Australian on Thursday. Lucky I had some friends let me know, otherwise I would have missed it. I thought it was for the following week. Check it out. It is a shame they cut off the bottom of the cake. I had to remake the cake as my son had eaten the lace work from the bottom of the tiers.
Newspaper Article. Fun Newspaper Article. Fun
Here is a picture of the whole cake.
Wedgewood Miniature Wedding Cake

Harry Potter

I recieved a last minute order for a Harry Potter cake. Well, I couldn't say no as I'm a Potter fan as well. I really enjoyed making this cake. And, I'm starting to enjoy making figurines.
Harry Potter themed Cake
Harry Potter themed Cake


I haven't had the chance to make a handbag since leaving my previous job. So, I was excited to get an order for one again. I'm not really into handbags, but I love making them out of cake. I love all the details you can add to a cake. I can waste so much time just adding to the look of a handbag cake. This one is simple but was still very time consuming. I enjoyed every minute of it though.....
Handbag Novelty cake

"GROOVY" cakes.

This weeks cakes were a lot of fun. One was for a young girl celebrating her 10th birthday and loves Elephants. Happy Birthday Caitlin.
Little Elephant Celebration Cake
And the next is for another young lady celebrating her 13th Birthday. I hope she had a "GROOVY" Disco Party.
Disco Party Celebration Cake

This week.

So, I thought this week was meant to be quiet. Instead, I ended up with four cakes. No complaints though. It's nice to be busy. Starting with cupcakes, then Buzz Lightyear, a Madhatter with brush embroidery and lastly a Number 1 with a cute lion and monkey figurine. What a fun week.
Cupcakes Wedding CakesBuzz Lightyear Novelty cakeMadhatter Wedding cakeNumber 1 novelty cake

First Wedding Cake

Today I was sent these lovely photo's of one of my first wedding cakes. This cake is still one of my favourites. The challenge with this cake was matching the colour to the flower girls dress but I think it was a great match. It's also great to see your cake photographed by a professional. Thanks to . And, thank you to Chenara and Brad for forwarding these great pic's. 
Two tier Wedding cakeTwo tier Wedding Cake

First Cake Post

Wecome to Fun "N" Formal Designer Cakes Blog.
Last weekend was all about Donkeys. This cake was for a young boy who went on a donkey ride whist on holidays in Europe. He enjoyed it so much he wanted his friends to experience as well. So they all had Donkey rides in the park at his party and of course a Donkey figurine on his cake.
Donkey Novelty Birthday Cake.
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